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  1. Sorry but i don't find the catch. I studied both pin-maps... seems to be allrigth... can't find any catch I think i found a 0 ? jumper R9 (but as i told before, i am not good with hardware) but i don't know what this means, i think this should be ok because it is needed for 4-wire SPI, 8-bit rigth? Do i Have to rename some PINS? I did not find the document where they are named... and i don't understand hint 4 sorry for beeing that incapable
  2. i am very desperate, i have to finish a project with this display... but a white screen is not what i wanted... any ideas how to check if they sold me a broken screen?
  3. ok... i don't understand much (i am not good with hardware) but and i did not change anything, so it should be ok right?
  4. i am pretty sure that the boosterpack is connected well. i can read the x/y coordinates and print them to terminal: while (counter) { if (myScreen.getTouch(x, y, z)) { x = checkRange(x, 1, myScreen.screenSizeX()-2); y = checkRange(y, 1, myScreen.screenSizeY()-2); myScreen.dRectangle(x-1, y-1, 3, 3, myColours.yellow); Serial.print("x:\t"); Serial.print(x, DEC); Serial.print(" /\t y:\t"); Serial.println(y, DEC); counter--; }
  5. I think i have SPI Which protocol-example? protocol100 or protocol_Terminal? if i choose protocol Termina and #define K35_SPI i get this compilation-error: In file included from /home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_ILI9340.cpp:22:0: /home/patrick/sketchbook/libraries/LCD_screen/Screen_ILI9340.h:73:17: fatal error: spi.h: No such file or directory #include "spi.h" ^ compilation terminated. i don't understand why Screen_ILI9340.h is used... what am i doing wrong? EDIT: ok found a solution and was able to compile and upload: i had
  6. Hi, i am searching for a quick start guide for TM4C123GXL-Launpad with a Kentec 3,5" Boosterpack using Energia. Can someone tell me where to find something like this? Or can you tell me how to use any example at LCD_screen Library Suite? I copied the LCD_Screen-, SD- and FDW-Dir to my sketchbook-location and can now choose examples. But i'm not sure how to use this examples, because the includes are confusing for me. I allways get compilation-errors like: LCD_GUI_demo.cpp:58:31: fatal error: HY28A_SRAM_screen.h: No such file or directory #include "HY28A_SRAM_screen.h"
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