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    I'm much more interested in the practical aspects of logging to flash at the moment and think that program design from there on up would be more my strong-suit; my first-pass has been to modify the SensorTagApp/SensorTagStack sample firmwares. I'm fairly comfortable now with RTOS on a high-level and have been able to get started with sensor readings. My roadblock is getting this to store persistently, and I've had no luck in scouring E2E forums for others' solutions to this (and I myself haven't been able to glean from the docs/code). The `ext_flash` interface I refer to comes from SensorTag/Board/Devices/, in case you are not familiar with that interface to the Flash. Any call to attempt to open a connection to the flash is unsuccesful for me (`extFlashOpen()`), so I of course can make no read/writes. For me, even a 'Hello World' description to store dummy values would be tremendously helpful for me to get on my way here. If there's anything you can point me towards to that effect in the meantime, I would be very grateful.
    If you'd be willing to share a relevant snippet around the above issues off the record, that would be appreciated (in case this is preferrable to you, it would still be helpful for me) and would of course be kept offline.
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    nickb reacted to tripwire in SensorTag Altitude Logger   
    Aha, I think I have just the thing... Here's some information about a similar problem I had when getting the external flash to work in my program:
    EDIT: I just took a look at the extFlashOpen and it calls extFlashVerifyPart to get the manufacturer/device ID. That will get zeroes when the JTAG is active, so extFlashOpen will return false in that case
    I also spotted this interesting comment, which might help me cut the power consumption of the flash between write operations
    #ifdef IO_PARKING
    // Table of pins to be "parked" in when no device is selected. Leaving the pin
    // floating causes increased power consumption in WinBond W25XC10.
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