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  1. Rob, I'm much more interested in the practical aspects of logging to flash at the moment and think that program design from there on up would be more my strong-suit; my first-pass has been to modify the SensorTagApp/SensorTagStack sample firmwares. I'm fairly comfortable now with RTOS on a high-level and have been able to get started with sensor readings. My roadblock is getting this to store persistently, and I've had no luck in scouring E2E forums for others' solutions to this (and I myself haven't been able to glean from the docs/code). The `ext_flash` interface I refer to comes from Se
  2. @@tripwire This project is neat! I'm just getting started with the CC2650 myself and would really love to see your source code if you're willing to share (in turn I'd of course be developing my project in the open). If not, would you be willing to share some knowledge on how you were able to continuously log to the external 4MB SPI flash? That specifically is where I have been stuck for about a week (I am fairly new to this area); I'd like to just get started continously logging the on-board sensors and see what I can hack together from a longer data set once I can get that going. Any feed
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