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  1. Is there a way to take a CCS project made for CC3200, i.e. FreeRTOS Demo, and add the Energia library on top of it? I want to build off the FreeRTOS example but have access to the libraries that Energia offers. Has anyone had success with this?
  2. I've been working with the SLFS library and it seems that I can read and write files just fine but then I run into a fault. I'm using the CC3200 using the Energia library. I created a file through Uniflash so the firmware has something to read at initial setup. The file looks like this: { "APIUrl":"", "APIKey":"", "Token":"", "DeviceId":"" } I do a read, and parse out the JSON values just fine. When I go to write to the file, it seems to write just fine but then craps out and goes in the FaultISR loop, some kind of hard fault (memory?). I can restart the device and then the file gets read again and this time it has what I wrote to it, which is great but then it goes into the FaultISR loop again. Here is my read and write functions: void readFile() { int readStatus; int ValueReturnedByRead; int n = 0; char *readBuffer = new char[250]; readStatus = SerFlash.open(CONFIG_FILE, FS_MODE_OPEN_READ); Serial.println("Read From File: "); do { ValueReturnedByRead = SerFlash.read(); if (ValueReturnedByRead != -1) { readBuffer[n]= (char) ValueReturnedByRead; Serial.print(readBuffer[n]); n++; } } while (ValueReturnedByRead != -1); Serial.println(); parseJSON(readBuffer, "creds"); delete[] readBuffer; int response = SerFlash.close();// close the file Serial.print("File Close Response: "); Serial.println(response); } void writeFile() { int openok; int filelengthWritten; char *bodyToWrite = new char[250]; DynamicJsonBuffer jsonBuffer; JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.createObject(); root[wpCredentials[0]] = apiUrl.c_str(); root[wpCredentials[1]] = apiKey.c_str(); root[wpCredentials[2]] = apiToken.c_str(); root[wpCredentials[3]] = deviceId.c_str(); root.prettyPrintTo(bodyToWrite, 250); Serial.println("Start"); Serial.println("The Initial String: "); Serial.println("-----------------------------"); Serial.println(bodyToWrite); Serial.println("-----------------------------"); openok=SerFlash.open(CONFIG_FILE, FS_MODE_OPEN_WRITE); Serial.print("File Opened : "); Serial.println(openok); filelengthWritten = SerFlash.write(bodyToWrite); Serial.print("File length WRITTEN out : "); Serial.println(filelengthWritten); SerFlash.close();// close the file delete[] bodyToWrite; } This is really boggling my mind and any help would be great! Thanks!
  3. I had the same issue, the answer is use a new Wifi library. Library and example here: https://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/f/968/p/449967/1618061#1618061
  4. Turns out that Energia 16 is not compatible with CCS v6. I rolled back to Energia 15 and everything works.
  5. I asked this same question on the E2E forum. Got an answer and it worked great! https://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/f/968/p/449967/1618061#1618061
  6. I have a CC3200 LAUNCHPAD and I'm using Code Composer Studio v6.1 with an Energia example. I try to build the WifiWebClient example and the lpcc3200_core library keeps giving me grief. It says that it can't find some header files but they're clearly in the project tree. Any thoughts on why this might be happening?
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