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  1. So your case on MacOS showed me a glimpse of may be what is wrong, but I'm afraid I need more specific help than that... This is really tough
  2. @@Fmilburn So you mean it doesn't support F28069M?? But energia clearly shows (C2000) w/ TMS320F28069(90MHz) on it's board setting..
  3. @@Rei Vilo Thank you for your help, but I've already read your posts but I couldn't follow your guidance since I'm using window 8, not MacOS. But I did try to set upload speed parameter in boards.txt for c 2000 but that didn't help.. And there was no parameter for upload speed in boards.txt so I just added it in notepad
  4. So I'm trying to compile the BlinkLED from basic example codes, and the code does compile, but when I try to upload it, this is the message I get. Ensure a jumper is placed on JP7 and that the jumper is removed from JP6, and that the boost switches (S1) are ON-OFF-OFF (UP-DOWN-DOWN), and press the reset button before clicking OK. If the download fails try a baud rate below 38400. And the problem is, I'm following the instruction perfectly except for the baud rate for that I don't know how to adjust it. But I already set board and serial port configuration same as the video that Texas
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