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    anas10 reacted to josePH in Energia CC3200 EMT: UART1 support in "Launchpad w/ CC3200 EMT"   
    I am trying to use UART1 in Energia CC3200 EMT. I've put a loopback at pins 9 and 10. I've also written a code to bridge UART0 and UART1. However It's not working with "Launchpad w/ CC3200 EMT" board settings.
    If I choose the "Launchpad w/ CC3200", the UART works fine.
    Has someone tried using UART1 in EMT before?
    Is there a way to remap the pins for UART1? I wanted to use pins 18 and 15, so that I can use pis 9 and 10 for I2C communications. I was able to hack HardwareSerial.cpp and .h for "Launchpad w/ CC3200". The file structure for "Launchpad w/ CC3200 EMT" is different, there is no more "HardwareSerial" file to modify.
    Serial Bridge Code:
    void setup() {   // initialize both serial ports:   Serial.begin(9600);   Serial1.begin(9600); } void loop() {   // read from port 1, send to port 0:   if (Serial1.available()) {     int inByte = Serial1.read();     Serial.write(inByte);    }       if (Serial.available()) {     int inByte1 = Serial.read();     Serial1.write(inByte1);    } }
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    anas10 reacted to Rei Vilo in [Energia Library] RTOS Libraries for MSP432 on Energia MT   
    The just released Energia 16 comes with the libraries I've developed for RTOS:
    ClockLibrary and example multiBlink_with_Clock EventLibrary and example MultiEvents MailboxLibrary SemaphoreLibrary SWILibrary SWItriggerLibrary TaskLibrary TimerLibrary All the libraries are available under the menu Files > Example > 10.Multitasking and come with examples.
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