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  1. Hi, I am having the same problem. I guess there is some bug with EMT configuration. Have you found any solution to this problem? Anyone from Energia should address this issue.
  2. Hi, I am unable to compile the "Task Library" and "Timer Library" examples for Redbearlab WiFi mini EMT. It can not find the timer.h files. Do we have to something extra (add some files) to compile these example? Also what are the time limitations for Redbearlab WiFi mini EMT? On the other hand if I remove the timer part from TaskLibrary example it runs okay. Does this mean there is no timer support for Redbearlab WiFi mini?
  3. Hi, I downloaded Energia 16 to work with Redbearlab WIFi mini board. First of all Energia did not program the board right away on windows. I had to include ftd2xx.dll in the cc3200.exe directory to make it work. Now I was working with my board just fine until I tried MT mode of the board. I tried dumping a Multitasking firmware on the board it did work but now I can not reprogram the board either in the original mode or in MT mode. This is the error that I get: Send reset request : 0xE5 0xA0 Get reset response : 0xff 0x00 Send reset request : 0xE5 0xA0 Get reset response : 0xf
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