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  1. MSP430G2 Rev 1.5 with a G2553. Energia 1.8 on Linux debian. Schematic of test circuit, and full sketch attached. The device should open (raise) or close (lower) the door for my chickens based on the light level. In the full board I have a H-bridge, 16V Li ion battery and a windscreen wiper motor from a car. The full board also has HW debouncing - with issues. The door is guillotine style with a pulley and a string to actuate it. Sometimes if the guillotine gets stuck the string will wrap the wrong way around the pulley so I need to check both limits while the motor is on. I wa
  2. @@roadrunner84 it's a bad photo. there is more space between the conductors than it seems. on the relay board, the enclosure is under a roof. I was thinking of putting dobs of silicone over the holes to keep ants/dust out. on the push button. I've abandoned the long vs short press. I had an idea of some logic to say if both the limit switches are true, and push button was pressed, read and store the LDR reading. Haven't done anything on this as the door is working at the moment. The other option is to have a potentiometer and use an analog read of that to set the LDR trigger. It is sti
  3. I finally got the code working. I used a different LDR between breadboarding and the final build, and it's has different light/resistance properties. I havent yet got the short/long button push working. Serial comms seems temperamental, I'm not sure why. I've added a few photos of the physical setup, now that i've tidied some of the wiring up. Thanks for all the help!
  4. @@yyrkoon Not saying that using the panel as you sensor wont work, just that there are problems. I'd be interested to see it working if you do pursue it. @@Fmilburn regarding the UART comms to MSP430G2553 not in the launchpad, I was finally successful getting comms out of the chip. I leftthe J3 jumpers in place, connected the UART pins and Reset pin between the boards. Also important is earth! I was just getting garbled rubbish without the earth. The MSP430 has it's own power supply, and the laptop obviously separate. So some potential difference between the two circuits. I received
  5. @@yyrkoon I have included a variable LDRtol, this prevents movement unless the (maxLDR - minLDR) >LDR tol. This will reduce the 'hunting' of the system, but a similar time based system would also work. The problem with using the panel output directly is that the tracker will struggle to find the correct position in shade conditions. Finding the correct position using the panel output will be similar to a perturb-observe MPPT algorithm (with all the problems of that). Consider the case if it is overcast, and the panel is in motion. If the cloud then clears, the panel output will rise, regard
  6. EDIT: thinking about this again, the incorrect flags mentioned below would send the code into the timeout loop, and since they are never reset, the while(true) timeout loop just runs forever. I will put this onto the MC this afternoon and hopefully that works. @@roadrunner84 Thanks, I'm not expecting you to get into the detail of the code. Please don't feel like you must! I am more interested in the high level, stylistic review of the code. I have no microcontroller experience, so wasnt sure if i was doing something which is considered bad practice, or just won't work. I f
  7. Hi everyone, I've recently starting playing around with and learning with the launchpad, having fun but finding fault finding a bit frustrating! I've looked at the various examples and used what I learnt there to build my project. Apart from some tuning issues (like setting the LDR trigger value with the actual circuit) is is working OK. I am having problems with the pushbutton failing to make the door change positions. This was working with a test setup i had with the launchpad, and worked intermittently with a previous code version. I understand the blinking LED parts are a bit mess
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