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  1. I think the command below would work: pin_2_state = !digitalRead(pin_1); digitalWrite(pin_2, pin_2_state); Keep in mind that this doesn't add dead-time between pin 1 and pin 2 though.
  2. Thanks for your reply. V15.3.0 didn't work for me. It looks like I need to find the right version by trial and error. Ekrem.
  3. Hi, I am trying to run F28027F launchpad with Energia E17 and I have the errors below when I run the example file at Basics/Blink. The positions of the switches S1 are UP, DOWN, DOWN. Position of the switch S4 is UP. Jumpers for J1, J2 and J3 are in place. I installed C2000 Code Generation Tools v18.1.0.LTS on a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. I will appreciate if someone can help. Ekrem. Error message: "...\energia-0101E0017\hardware\c2000\cores\C2000\main.cpp" line 14: warning #218-D: controlling expression is constant "...\energia-0101E0
  4. I attached two pictures. One shows the board with a red rectangle indicating the temperature measurement circuitry. On the other picture I placed a U-shaped copper piece on top of the temperature measurement circuitry. The copper piece floats, not connected to any potential because I haven't seen any change with noise level connecting or floating it. Ekrem.
  5. Hi Robert, I haven't checked my account for a while, sorry for late response. The problem I faced was mentioned on the link below. I followed the instructions and resolved it. https://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/simplelink_wifi_cc31xx_cc32xx/f/968/p/441151/1582307#1582307 It was reletaed to the ftdi drivers. I installed the drivers on the link below: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC31xx_%26_CC32xx_FTDI_Flashing#FT_PROG_EEPROM_Programming_Utility Ekrem.
  6. I made a metal housing surrounding my thermocouple IC and its components. This solved my issue. Ekrem.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I have a filter across the input terminals of AD8495 as well as at its output. The input terminals have a 1.4uF across them and two 100nF caps from inputs to gnd. Filter corner frequency set to 15Hz. I used the connection diagram as suggested in the datasheet of AD8495 (figure 29). I have a 10uF and a 0.33uH in parallel from Vcc to gnd. I have single supply powering AD8495. There is an RC filter (1kohm, 0.33uF) between the output of AD8495 and the ADC input of cc3200. CC3200 is powered from my laptop's usb port and I power AD8495 from the 3.3V rail on CC3
  8. Hi, I use cc3200 to read temperature (using ad8495 ic). I connect to the cc3200 board over wifi with my cell phone and see the temperature reading on an internet browser. I have an issue though. My thermocouple circuit picks up noise from the cc3200 LP. Whe I turn off the cc3200 board, my thercouple circuit works fine. When I turn on the cc3200 LP tranmitting wifi signal, I see noise coupled to the AD8495 output repeating every 100ms (10Hz). I wonder the source of this noise with10 Hz. Of course, my next question is how to get rid of it. Ekrem.
  9. Hi, I have purchased CC3200 launchxl launchpad recently. It works fine just with the demo softwares pre-installed on it: I can connect to it through my cell phone's wi-fi and run the demos. I want to program it with Energia. I followed the precedure outlined at Energia's website but I couldn't do it. I instaleld the driver at (http://energia.nu/guide/guide_windows/) and followed the precedure at (http://energia.nu/cc3200guide/). I have done so many things to get it work and I am fed up eventually. To start with, I want to see CC3200 board listed in device manager in Ports (COM LPT)
  10. Hi Rei, The C code I provided generates pwm signal, like your code above does the samething. I am not interested in generating PWM but wanted to use the code I provided above in C just as an example. Roadrunner84 indicated above that I can run a C code in Energia. I wonder if it can be run as is or some portion of it needs to be modified. By the way, you placed the analogWrite command in the setup portion so it runs once, not over and over. If I keep it in the setup portion, it doesn't work. If I place it in the loop portion of he program, it runs fine. Was it an oversight that you place
  11. Thanks Roadrunner84. I show below some C code that runs fine in CCS. What modifications do I need to do to be able to run it in Energia? Ekrem. #include "msp430G2553.h" void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop WDT P1DIR |= BIT2; // P1.2 to output P1SEL |= BIT2; // P1.2 to TA0.1 CCR0 = 1000-1; // PWM Period CCTL1 = OUTMOD_7; // CCR1 reset/set CCR1 = 250; // CCR1 PWM duty cycle TACTL = TASSEL_2 + MC_1; // SMCLK, up mode _BIS_SR(LPM0_bits); // Enter LPM0 }
  12. Hi, I am very new with programming microconrollers in general. I use MSP430 for my applications. I wonder if the following is possible: Just assume I have an MSP430 code written in Code Composer Studio (CCS) in C and another code written in Energia. Is it possible to combine these two codes and compile them together? If this is possible, I assume one of the codes need to be converted to the form of the other. Most likely, the Energia code needs to be converted to C, then both codes can be combined in CCS as a C code and compiled. I appreciate if someone answer if this this is someth
  13. Ekrem

    energia IDE

    Hi Bluehash, Thanks for your reply. I am aware of analogWrite() and I used it. The switching period is not same all the time from cycle to cycle if I use analogWrite(). A friend of mine uses Arduino and he demonstrated with Arduino that the "PWM" library in Arduino IDE generates much better PWM signal (much more stable from cycle to cycle) so I wanted to use it with MSP430. Although I want to use the "PWM" library of Arduino IDE in the short term, my question is general: is it possible to use a library of Arduino IDE with Energia IDE if that library doesn't exist in Energia IDE? Can it be mo
  14. Hi, I am new to programming with microcontrollers. I program a MSP430 board. I came to realize that it is much easier to program it with Energia than with assembly or C so I want to use Energia. I have a question: I want to use a library of Arduino IDE with Energia but this library doesn't exist in Energia IDE. Is this possible? The Arduino IDE library that I want to use is PWM, which doesn't exist in Energia IDE. Thanks. Ekrem.
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