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  1. Ok, I'm going to download again, and I'll tell you what happen. Thanks
  2. When I open C:\energia0101E0016\hardware\tools there are just to carpets (called common and Mangler) and a text file called "howto". So the one that you say "msp430" doesn't exist. Could that be the problem?? And thanks.
  3. Yes, I had already checked that, and also I checked that the serial port selected in Energia is the same of my launchpad. But anyway, thanks.
  4. I did that and the problem still. [C:\energia0101E0016\hardware\tools\msp430\bin\msp430-g++, -c, -Os, -w, -ffunction-sections, -fdata-sections, -mmcu=msp430g2553, -DF_CPU=16000000L, -MMD, -DARDUINO=101, -DENERGIA=16, -IC:\energia0101E0016\hardware\msp430\cores\msp430, -IC:\energia0101E0016\hardware\msp430\variants\launchpad, C:\Users\GATEWAY\AppData\Local\Temp\build3433268406560417570.tmp\Blink.cpp, -o, C:\Users\GATEWAY\AppData\Local\Temp\build3433268406560417570.tmp\Blink.cpp.o] msp430-g++: error: CreateProcess: No such file or directory I don't know what could be. But thanks
  5. Hi, I have just install Energia in my computer, I'm learning to use it but I don't know why, when I want to verify a program appears this Error: [C:\Users\GATEWAY\Downloads\energia-0101E0016\hardware\tools\msp430\bin\msp430-g++, -c, -Os, -w, -ffunction-sections, -fdata-sections, -mmcu=msp430g2553, -DF_CPU=16000000L, -MMD, -DARDUINO=101, -DENERGIA=16, -IC:\Users\GATEWAY\Downloads\energia-0101E0016\hardware\msp430\cores\msp430, -IC:\Users\GATEWAY\Downloads\energia-0101E0016\hardware\msp430\variants\launchpad, C:\Users\GATEWAY\AppData\Local\Temp\build1369045033969488101.tmp\Blink.cpp, -o, C:\
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