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  1. Not yet. I figure you need to store the last connected network in flash memory, and if you can't find it next time you reboot, or you press a button, SmartConfig is run. As I don't know how to store or retrieve data from flash, it's going to be a bit difficult.. Cheers.
  2. While I am having no issues with the CC3200 accepting the SmartConfig settings, using the Energia example software "WiFi/SmartConfig", the WiFi configuration seems to be wiped when it's power-cycled. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Cheers.
  3. Decided to get the Ti CC31XX-EXP432P401R package to continue the project but will definitely purchase the 2.8" T-Haoyu screen a bit later on. Thank you fo your help..
  4. Hmm.. Ideally, I'd like a touch screen, but since that seems unlikely, is there a compatible BoosterPack for the CC3200 with: 1. a similar size screen. ( a bit smaller would be OK) 2. SD or MicroSD slot. 3. minimum of 5 buttons. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the reply. It's a bit confusing because even in the packaging, it says "For TI LaunchPad". What Launchpad was it designed for, and is it a similar spec to the CC3200? Cheers.
  6. May have to re-think my design a bit. Is there a touch screen that works with the CC3200 LaunchpadXL?
  7. Before I start, I'd classify myself as a NOOB with delusions of adequacy when it comes to programming, so don't be afraid to dumb it down for me. My question is, how do I get the screen to function. I've downloaded the MSP-EXP432P401R_Software_Examples_windows.zip file, expanded it, then placed it in the energia\hardware directory. I was hoping for some examples to "appear" after doing that, but no joy. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.. Cheers.
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