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    Ok, i will try that
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    Sorry about that, TACCR0 = 800; is the position of 0 degrees. So i wanna go back and forth between these two positions infinitely.
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    I am trying to control a servo using an external push button on a breadboard. What am trying to do is when button is pressed servo goes to 90 degrees, when pushed again it goes back to 0 degrees. So far i have it going 90 degrees but i have been having trouble moving it back to zero. #define button1 BIT1#define clk_freq 1000000 #define servo_freq 50 int main(void){ WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; int period = clk_freq / servo_freq; P1DIR |= servo; P1SEL |= servo; TACCR0 = period; TACCR1 = 0; TACCTL1 = OUTMOD_7; TACTL = TASSEL_2 + MC_1; while(1){ if((P1IN & button1)==BIT1) {
  4. Hello, am relatively new to the MSP430 and my coding skills aren't that good yet, am using c on IAR. But am trying to produce this signal:http://www.modeltrainbuilder.com/DCC-operation.html . i kinda get the concept, but implementing it is a problem. I know you can set timer0 to a faster frequency, say 35KHz so that a period of 28us and then timer1 to output the signal. So for example if a bit is '1' Timer1 goes high for 2 timer0 periods and then low the same, and when a bit is '0' timer1 stays high for 4 timer0 periods and then low the same amount. An example code or anything really will be v
  5. Looking forward to meeting new people and learning about the msp430 as much as possible
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