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  1. Hi,


    I can compile/flash firmware on the CC3200 launchpad. Eg Blinking a led works just fine, but when I add a Serial.print statement obviously this statement blocks the rest, the led doesn't blink anymore.


    Any idea what can be the reason?





    Serial.print not only blocks on Mac OSX but as well on Win 7!

  2. Hi,


    I want to develop with the MSP430FR6989 (this board is also referenced on the Energia site) on Mac OSX.

    I have installed the latest Energia, installed the drivers (MSP430LPCDC 1.0.3b-Signed.pkg probably these are not necessary for the mentioned board, although I can't find any other drivers except those for the CC3200).


    When launching energia I select the FR6989 board however for the serial ports I only see 2 /dev/tty.usbmodemxxxx ports. No cu.usbserial... ports (as I have with my CC3200).

    Should I use for the FR6989 one of these tty.usbmodem... ports or am I missing something?




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