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  1. Beautiful! I saw that someone had gotten it to work on page 4 but didn't think to check backwards for more. For ~$15, I might just take a stab in the dark and buy the 5529 Launchpad anyway. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello! I recently bought a MetaWatch FRAME, with the intention of messing around with it as an inexpensive, portable MSP development platform. Meta open-sourced the watch's firmware and *used* to sell JTAG programming clips for the watch. Now, however, they've discontinued both my model of watch and its programming clips, and I'm out some cash on a less-than-fully-functional smartwatch. The watch uses an MSP430F5438A microcontroller and is programmable using the Spy-Bi-Wire protocol, according to this SparkFun teardown. I found the sticky post about programming MSPs with Launchpads, bu
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