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  1. I did, in the meantime, manage to get an imperfect, but working Timer. The implementation uses timer.h, and sort of falls in between your 2 suggestions. void initTimer(unsigned hz) { PRCMPeripheralClkEnable(TASK_TIMER_PERIPHERAL, PRCM_RUN_MODE_CLK); PRCMPeripheralReset(TASK_TIMER_PERIPHERAL); TimerConfigure(TASK_TIMER_BASE_ADDR, TIMER_CFG_PERIODIC); TimerLoadSet(TASK_TIMER_BASE_ADDR, TIMER_A, msToClockTicks(hz,TASK_TIMER_PRESCALER)); TimerIntRegister(TASK_TIMER_BASE_ADDR, TIMER_A, &handleTaskTimerInterrupt); TimerIntEnable(TASK_TIMER_BASE_ADDR, TIMER_TIMA_TIMEO
  2. Thanks mcafzap and Rei!
  3. I answered my own question here: you can enable the timer using PRCMPeripheralClkEnable()
  4. Hello all. I'm new to CC3200 and trying to develop an application for the launchpad using a Timer. Energia has the timer.h module, and I've found TI's documentation for the General Purpose Timer module, along with a few code snippets. My code dies when calling TimerConfigure(base, type). I think that this is because the timer peripherals need need to be enabled as a system peripheral before they can be manipulated. It looks like SysCtlPeripheralEnable(SYSCTL_PERIPH_TIMERx) is what you'd call before calling the TimerXxx functions. However, the cc3200 driverlib doesn't have a s
  5. Hi everyone. I just got a cc3200 launchpad and am coding on a Mac with Energia. I'm impressed with what this setup can do. I'm trying to get a handle on how on how to how to use the timer functions to create one-shots or functions called at specific intervals. I can find references in Energia.h and driverlib/timer.h but no docs or samples. If anyone has any tips on getting started please pass them on, I'd appreciate it. Looking forward to coding... - eric
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