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  1. I want to plot a graph : ber vs SNR for multiuser mimo communication.Large scale fading contains path loss and shadowing. Here I am defining my channel as G=H*D^1/2, where H:channel coefficients for fast fading (raleigh) D:channel coefficients for slow fading(path loss and shadowing) Is there any dependence of large scale fading on SNR. Or it will remain the same for all SNR values.
  2. I am able to start my cc3200 launchpad in STATION mode and now want it in AP mode.I am following CC32xx provisionong AP @http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC32xx_Provisioning_AP.Whatis mean by "Run from flashed binary" as after removing SOP2 jumper and resetting the launchpad,it does not goes to AP mode.Do i need to do something else?
  3. Out_of_box demo worked fine. Flashed the launchpad with uniflash sevicepack and now Launchpad is not working in AP mode.How to restart the launchpad in AP mode again.
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