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  1. There are several industrial water level detectors that work based on conductivity of liquid. It's proven. I think it may be little difficult if you use interrupt alone,since chance of false alarms are more. If you are using interrupt which lpm your have to use? Will polling be more efficient if response time required is low? Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
  2. No pi day in India. There's no 3/14/16 because we have DD/MM/YY. Sent from my ASUS_T00I using Tapatalk
  3. Welcome Ivan. Working on any project related to automobiles? Good luck
  4. Nice find Looks like some ADC and digital out functions
  5. NIce! Hope this award will bring more energy to share more knowledge.
  6. Nice work reverse engineer I'm not that much familiar with buck/boost converters. So I could not understand the inductor part. So we will leave it aside for the time . I have a question. The light has 4xAA cells, right? So can we tap from 3V (ie 2xAA) point and power the MSP? I'm (planning to) doing that in my working project. I dont know whether it is correct. The drawback i'm seeing is that the battery may drain unequally. But uA and nA counts for Alkaline cells?
  7. Hi, Greetings from India! I'm from Kerala, India. Loves DIY electronics. Happy to be a member in 43oh. Fantastic people!
  8. @@roadrunner84 Nice. I am from India, no idea what a IKEA toy kitchen is. Any links to your project?. Hope you are also a low power maniac! @@maelli01 the pads are gold plated, right? still gets corroded?
  9. Interesting tear down. I did DIY bicycle tail lamp using MSP430 back in 2011. Still working. Using 2xAA Alkaline cells. Running for more than 3 months in the battery. 3x4 red LEDs. BC107 transistors. One push button switch. Sleep in LPM4. LED driving from PWM. I have't measured the currents. 20 uA is too much!
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