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  1. I really want to use CC1310 but I think it's not available in the market yet. is there a development kit available now? From datasheet, there is no dfference between CC1120 and CC1200. Can you tell me the difference? My protocol suite is complex. And free version of CCS and IAR only support limited size code.
  2. Thank you, I need to use CC1120 over CC1101 because it provides longer range and this feature will guarantee the connectivity between nodes when deployed in large area. I think CC1101 lacks many new features added to the recent TI transceivers like sniff mode, has less link budget and longer preamble required. Instead of using CC1101 with launchpad, there is a ready to use platform based on CC430 called WizziMote but operate only on 433 Mhz. Is there any difference in programming between CC1120 and CC1101?
  3. Hi, Please, which msp430 launchpad is energy efficient (minimum power consumption). The only criteria are memory size RAM 4 KB FLASH or FRAM 64 KB Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion.
  4. I plan to use 10 nodes 1 sink 3 cluster head 6 node The nodes are optimized for battery operated, while the cluster head is supported by energy harvesting source. I want to test the performance of the network with different parameters, like data rate and operating frequency (433 and 868 MHz). Can I use one CC1120 and modify the comonents on the board to change frequency or just buy two boards? Also I want to compare the performance of narrowband RF from TI and LoRa based transceivers in terms of energy consumption and communication range. Is there a possibility to use Lo
  5. Hi, Where can I get CC1120 booster pack with different frequency options (434 and 868 MHz) to be used with MSP-EXP430FRxxxx.
  6. thanks for your reply, I compelled to write new software because I want to test my protocol suite. So, can you tell me if I can use Energia with this hardware.
  7. I want to implement wireless sensor network programmed with my own protocol suite. The memory size of Launchpad should be: RAM size 4 KB FLASH or FRAM 64 KB I plan to use MSP-EXP430FR5969 with CC1120. The resulted hardware is operated as standalone so it powered by energy harvesting circuit or battery. I'm not sure that I chose the right product for my project. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion.
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