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  1. I use MSP430FR5969 to control CC1120. After register configuration I put CC1120 in different mode of operations (TX, RX, SFSTXON, IDLE, XOFF and sleep) and put MCU in LPM3. I measured the current in all these modes, in sleep mode the current consumption is higher than that consumed in XOFF mode which is abnormal. I(XOFF) = 0.2 mA (0.17 mA in datasheet) I(sleep) = 0.5 mA (0.001 mA in datasheet)
  2. I did it without success. But I solved this problem after I figured out what happen. When I retransmit the packet I just issued the STX command. PWD command reset the TX buffer, so you should load the buffer again before issuing the STX command after sleep.
  3. In datasheet, the minimum power consumption of CC1120 in sleep mode is less than 10 uW and about 3 uW for FR5969. So, the expected power consumption is about 20 - 100 uW. During the operation of FR5969+CC1120 the minimum power consumption recorded is about 3 mW. I can't figure out the reason behind this difference.
  4. I designed a new MAC protocol and want to evaluate it's performance in real world. The purpose of this protocol is to maximize the lifetime of the sensor node.
  5. F5529 doesn't support EnergyTrace so I can't optimize the performance of the sensor node. That is one of the reason why I want to migrate to FR6989. Second reason is that in general compact design is more reliable i.e. LCD is part of LP board and I guess it may consume less power.
  6. FR5969 is good choice and sufficient for my work. But I an LCD to display some parameters during network operation. As far as I know, I have only one choice FR6989 although the FRAM size is large and may consume more power.
  7. F5529 sometimes doesn't run the software when it's connected to CC1120 unless I upload the software again. While FR5969 works properly. Some LPs are made in China and others in USA. I can show you the proof if you still hesitated about that. I bought FR5969 before six months and have no idea about the new price.
  8. First of all, If you have a box of F5529LP you can see made in China. When I use both kits for the same application. After I unplug the kit from USB and connect it back to the port, FR5969 start the operation normally while F5529 needs downloading the software again. Why? That happens many times. Can you give a reason why there is a margin in prices of FR5969 ($24) and FR6989 ($18)? FR6989 has Built in LCD and has higer FRAM (128KB instead of 64KB in FR5969).
  9. Hi, I used FR5969 to control the operation of CC1120. The chip transmit a packet periodically each second and after transmission completed, the chip goes into idle state. When I just add a command strobe to enter the chip in sleep mode instead of idle state, the chip remain in TX state which is abnormal case. The user guide stated that any command will wake up the chip from sleep state.
  10. FR4133 has 16 KB FRAM which makes it unsuitable for my application. However FR6989 has good features but the size of RAM is large which means more power to dissipate. Do you agree with me? Based on my experience, FR5969 provides better performance stability over F5529. I think that is because FR5969 is USA made while F5529 is China made. Do anyone has an idea about FR6989?
  11. I need LaunchPad to design wireless sensor node. I prefer one with LCD to display status information. Preferred storage >= 64 KB RAM >= 2 KB Power: ultra low Now I have F5529 and FR5969. any other suggestion?
  12. You are right. My problem now when I connect the LP to CC1120 it doesn't work. I test every possible solution with no success. The last option I guess is the issue of power supply. CC1120 works fine with exp5529 but it doesn't respond to exp5969.
  13. Hi I have both exp529 and exp5969 boards with cc1120. I programmed exp5529 to transmit/receive packets with no problem. When I moved to exp5969 I encounter an issue. CC1120 doesn't respond to write operation in configuration registers. Please can anyone tell me the possible reason for this issue or has the SPI code for exp5969? I use UCB0 SPI because it'sthe only one work with wireless chip.
  14. Hi, Yes, it's accurate ans also I checked more than one kit, all of the produce the same Vcc (3.62) and at the same time I measured the voltage on exp5529 it gives 3.3 V.
  15. Hi, The datasheet and userguide documents of msp430fr5969 mention that the supply voltage of this kit is 3.3 V. However when I measure it I get 3.6 V. Can anyone tell me Why I get this value instead of 3,3 V.
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