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    Kap got a reaction from bluehash in Tiva 129 Connected Ethernet Write / Print is very slow   
    Hi LRA,
    There may be an issue with the energia ethernet library. This is what I ended up doing:
    Modify the EthernetClient.cpp file and add a custom write function. It is the same as the one already there but comment out this "if (cs->mode)"
    Declare the function in the EthernetClient.h as "virtual size_t write_1(const uint8_t *buf, size_t size);"
    Or simply modify the the existing write function and replace the code with this
    size_t EthernetClient::write_1(const uint8_t *buf, size_t size) { uint32_t i = 0, inc = 0; boolean stuffed_buffer = false; struct tcp_pcb * cpcb = (tcp_pcb*)cs->cpcb; /* cs->cpcb may change to NULL during interrupt servicing */ if (!cpcb) return 0; // Attempt to write in 1024-byte increments. while (stuffed_buffer == false) { err_t err = tcp_write(cpcb, buf, size, (0x01)); if (err != ERR_MEM) { tcp_output(cpcb); //delay(1); //new addition stuffed_buffer = true; } else { if (stuffed_buffer == false){ tcp_output(cpcb); //delay(1); //new addition stuffed_buffer = false; }else{ //delay(1); } } //delay(1); } return size; }
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