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  1. Thanks rockets, I wrote a more detailed explanation this morning in the TI forums here before seeing you response. My feeling is newlib is the culprit. I'm going to keep investigating but I feel like I'll have to go back to mspgcc. I'll post some results here if I try a bare hello world example.
  2. any luck renanbirck? I'm just going to share my experience. I've tried many combinations of gcc flags, including the vendor specific memory flags you mention, but no luck ... msp430-gcc blows the roof compared to the legacy mspgcc. Here is are some numbers (bin.legacy is mspgcc, bin is TI msp430-gcc 3_03_04_00) for a given application: $ msp430-elf-size bin/wizzimote/gateway.elf bin.legacy/wizzimote/gateway.elf text data bss dec hex filename 29532 1564 1054 32150 7d96 bin/wizzimote/gateway.elf 10120 12 1846 11978 2eca bin.legacy/wizzimo
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