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  1. I apologize for posting this question to you all too fast. I just found the answer myself. A1: No need to change any jumper setting, It is fine as shown in the picture. A2: the CS pin number should be set to "18". (for P2.3)
  2. Dear All, I would appreciate some help from you here. I am using Energia v0101E0014 (v15) The uploaded picture shown my 3200LP jumper setting. The 3200LP is using SPI to talk to Cypress CY5FRAMKIT (http://www.cypress.com/?docID=52945) The Cypress kit is using its default 5V setting on jumper J5. So I connect P3.1 (5V) to feed the Cypress power. My Wiring for cc3200 is as below CC3200 Signal Name ---- ------- P1.7 SCLK P2.3 CS P2.6 MOSI P2.7 MISO P2.1 GND P3.1 5V However I can't read/write data to it. I was able to use the same kit in Arduino platform, so the kit is go
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