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    MSP430F518A already have internal RESET resistor.
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    Nrf24... clk, mosi, miso need to go to a suitable set of pins corresponding to one of the chip's USCI peripherals (whichever one you want to dedicate for SPI). CE, CSN can go to any GPIO pin. IRQ should go to one of the interrupt capable pins on that chip, probably a P1 or P2 pin.
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    You need decoupling capacitor(s), RESET resistor, and some way to load the code.
    PIR, I think can be connected to any particular pin that is interrupt capable, but you might need a pull-up/down resistor for a stable signal.
    NRF will need appropriate signals between itself and the MCU, probably SPI.
    What MSP430 pins you choose to use for these will depend on how you want to do things.
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