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  1. My board has been working fine since fix from yesterday. Until now. I created a wifi http server and added Serial.printlin("data") in the loop and I think it prints too often to allow the uploaderto trigger the bootloader. It keeps timing out and saying it could not trigger the bootloader. Tried in both linux and windows. Is their a way to FORCE erase my sketch from the CC3200 so that I can upload another without the println in the loop?
  2. Solved. The MK20 bootloader was corrupt. I reflashed it with WiFiNano_MK20_20150213.bin from RedbearLabs GIT site and now everything seems to work, in linux Ubuntu 14.04. I have not tested it yet in Windows but it should be OK there too.
  3. Can someone tell me what the com port settings should be eg, baud-rate, parity etc.. Mine shows 9600 baud by default but I see some posts mentioning 115200
  4. Yep, it shows as com1. I can't connect to it via Putty terminal though. Should I be able to?
  5. @@cubeberg Yep, just tried again with the blink example. Resetting does not change anything. The device is still running the webserver demo software it came pre-installed with. Windows output is: Opening COM1 Can't open device Could not open UART 1
  6. RedBear Labs WIFI mini CC3200 board I tried compiling the blink example and it compiles fine, but fails to upload. Tried using both Windows 7 32bit environment and Ubuntu 14.4 64bit environment. I have installed all the required drivers on Windows. I also had to copy the ftd2xx,dll to the folder where the C3200Prog.exe file is. Received error on both platforms is : Open UART COM1 Can't open device Failed to open uart COM1 Could not open UART COM1 The board seems to work ok because I can connect to it via WIFI. What do I need to do to upload the compiled file. I would p
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