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    Hey all,
    Been awhile since i've posted something. Here was a small portable 2.4GHz transceiver(CC2500) that I made. This can operate via battery or USB power. USB charges the battery. Has reverse + UVLO + OCLO protection (hence all the transistors on the right portion of the board).

    Here is a closeup of the RF chain. I used an integrated balun to reduce component counts. I use a 0603 tripad to switch RF output between SMA & chip antenna (unpopulated in pic). I used a coplanar waveguide as a TL.

    System seemed to be fairly efficient. I get 2.4dBm output power when using the 0 dBm power settings. If i'm not mistaken, TI uses a dev board to measure their power output after discrete balun to SMA. Consequently, I assume the insertion loss of the integrated balun is less than their discrete balun. Someone correct me on that if i'm wrong, i'd be interested to know. I've always wondered on how one would go about verifying a discrete balun. 

    Sorry, source files are not available. If ya know what your doing, the pictures are all ya need. XD 
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