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  1. Hi my customer want to achieve the video effect with dvi controller on the sk9822 digital rgb led matrix display, anyone have good dvi controllers or any suggestion about to show the HID videos via the digital led screen?
  2. Hello I have get some ws2813 led, it is higher grade than the ws2812b with dual signal and the capacitance and resistance also package inside the led,it is much different, though apa102 also double but they are not the same, where can I get the code for the ws2813,I want to use the arduino to control it? thx for your help WS2813 LED.pdf
  3. Thx for your enthusiasm about apa102. recently we have developed apa102 digital white color http://www.rgbledcolor.com Some videos about it http://youtu.be/Hcbhn-ehfhc
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