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  1. sorry but I do not frequent the forums a lot and did not know exactly what to write. I tried the UART communication from arduino to Arduino and works. I try: Arduino sender and Tiva c receiver but do not know how to setting pin rx and tx, (use pin 69 = Pa_4 = RX (3) and pin 70 = Pa_5 = TX (3)) for the problem of the voltage difference, 5v (Arduino) and 3.3V (c tive) I have a level shifter p.s. I use Energia Can you help me how to set the pin? Code: http://puu.sh/i8oEY/c6bad35e69.png
  2. how can I send data from the Arduino tive C? I tried with i2c and SPI but failing I recently bought this card and I can not use it very well
  3. Hello everyone, I apologize for my English. Today I received TM4C1294XL and I'm working with ENERGY, I need to run IMU MPU6050 but I can not understand the problem that I'm from, I hope you manage to help me. I downloaded the library to this site: code.google.com/.../Mpu6050Usageand it gives me this error
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