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  1. Is there any other information I can provide in order to clarify where this problem is originating from? Is there alternatively another example program which sets up the LM4F120 as a gamepad? (I know there is an example from the TM4C123GXL, can this be compiled for the LM4F120?)
  2. @lawrence_jeff i've finally come back to working on the Lauchpad and have been very unsuccessful at getting the gamepad example running. In windows it still does not show up as a gamepad and does nothing when plugged in, and in linux when I push SW1 the volume increases/decreases very rapidly. I dont know why this is happening. I have attached usb_dev_custom.c as well as usbhidcustom.c and usbhidcustom.h. Would it be possible for someone to take a look and let me know what im doing wrong? many thanks Jesse usb_dev_custom.c usb_dev_custom_structs.c usb_dev_custom_struct
  3. @@lawrence_jeff I figured I would try out the keyboard and mouse example to see if the proper drivers install. Following the documentation I made the changes to usb_dev_custom and usbhidcustom.c/.h. However, when I deploy neither does the computer install the correct drivers, nor does it send keyboard commands, what is sent is continuous volume 'UP' as seen on my pc. When I try to run the usb_dev_KeyandMouse example a continuous alternating volumeUp volumeDown stream is sent. I dont know where In the code this is originating from... any ideas why this might be happening? many thanks
  4. @@lawrence_jeff thank you for the quick reply. I've changed the pid in usb_dev_custom_structs.c to USB_PID_GAMEPAD following the documentation and as well deleted the device but it still doesnt appear as a gamepad. The same happens when I load the usb_dev_gamepad project, the code will run, but incorrect driver. Additionally, I plugged in the launchpad to a 'fresh' computer to see what driver it would install and the same thing happens. Is there a way to force the right driver?
  5. I have figured it out, it only works when I connect to device. However when I run the gamepad example, the correct drivers dont seem to install. It shows up as Gamepad example, but gamepad drivers are not installed. Is this perhaps because the g_pSerialNumberString was already detected on my computer as a Volume control device? many thanks Jesse
  6. @lawrence_jeff Thank you very much for your code and examples. I am having trouble getting the code working however. I have compiled both the volume control example, as well as the gamepad example. It builds and will run on the stellaris launchpad, but it does not connect. It stays 'red', and always enters the loop: while(!g_bConnected) @all Does anyone know how why my computer doesnt detect the new device? many thanks! Jesse
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