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  1. Thank you again oPossum for your help! I'm trying to read up on the MSP432 and its Timers, as it appears that Energia (my original programming IDE) does not have functions to use the individual timer functions that I need (for instance, using a Timer as a counter with an external input). Don't mean to pester, but a follow-up question to you (I have also asked this in the e2e forums at TI.com): When using the PPS trigger, let's say that I START counting on one PPS reception, then STOP counting on the next PPS reception, then START counting on the next... etc.... --> Will th
  2. Thanks for your reply oPossum! --> Am I understanding your response, to say that I only need 1 interrupt to do this (and not 2 like I previously thought)? -Rick
  3. Greetings all! I'm trying to make a 10MHz oscillator that is phase-coherent with a GPS PPS signal from a GPS receiver that I have. I'm using the MSP432 launchpad to do this, but I'm not sure it has the speed to act as a 10MHz frequency counter. The general setup is simple: GPS PPS--------------- | -->VCO --> MSP432 launchpad --> DAC -- | | ----------------------------------------------------- Every 1 PPS, the MSP432 will count the number of pulses it receives from t
  4. Okay all, Forgive me - I already found out the answer. BUT, let others learn from my stupidity: serial.print(X) will print "X" in ASCII format serial.write(X) will print X as a raw number (with no ASCII interpretation).
  5. Greeings all! I am using the Stellaris launchpad, but I think this applies to ant energia launchpad: As a trial/test, I am using energia to have the launchpad send the number 1 on serial1 (using the hardware uart, not the USB uart): Serial1.print(1); Using my oscilloscope and a terminal, I see that it is actually sending 49, which is ascii (it assumes that I want to send an ASCII "1", so it converts my ASCII "1" into decimal 49, which is ASCII for 1). --> Is there a Serial/UART command, to send the "raw" data? For instance, if I wanted to send the number 122 over the U
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