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  1. Hi guys, I am a newbie in the field and I just got a C2000 LaunchPad form a friend. I am using Arch Linux 32bit. He suggested me to install Energia by following the instructions at: http://energia.nu/pin-maps/guide_c2000launchpad/ The installation process worked without any problem, in fact I can start Energia and see the LaunchPad (C2000) under Tools/Board. The problem is when I try to compile any example. Example Basics/Blink: <Linking> error #10056: symbol "code_start" redefined: first defined in "core.a<F2802x_CodeStartBranch.S.o>"; redefined in "core.a<F2802x_asmfuncs.S.o>" warning #10210-D: creating ".sysmem" section with default size of 0x400; use the -heap option to change the default size "/home/tia/localCompiled/energia-0101E0015_v15/hardware/c2000/cores/c2000//f2802x_common//cmd//F28027.cmd", line 118: error #10099-D: program will not fit into available memory. placement with alignment/blocking fails for section "codestart" size 0x4 page 0. Available memory ranges: BEGIN size: 0x2 unused: 0x2 max hole: 0x2 warning #10063-D: entry-point symbol other than "_c_int00" specified: "code_start" error #10010: errors encountered during linking; "Blink.cpp.out" not built >> Compilation failure Example Basics/AnalogReadSerial: >> Compilation failure "AnalogReadSerial.ino", line 23: error #20: identifier "A3" is undefined 1 error detected in the compilation of "AnalogReadSerial.cpp". I tried many different versions and combinations of Energia and C2000 Code Generation Tools (compiler) without success. As a second option I also downloaded the C2000 branch of Energia from GitHub. I can build it and start it but... it comes without the C2000 Board option. How can I get it in the menu Tools/Boards? The third option was to download and install CCS6 and to specify the Energia path. I then imported the example Basics/Blink. Again, the compilation runs into an error: Building file: /home/tia/localCompiled/energia-0101E0015_v15/hardware/c2000/cores/c2000/F2806x_common/source/F2806x_Adc.c Invoking: C2000 Compiler "/home/tia/localCompiled/energia-0101E0015_v15/hardware/tools/c2000/bin/cl2000" -v28 -ml -mt --include_path="/home/tia/localCompiled/energia-0101E0015_v15/hardware/c2000/cores/c2000" --include_path="/home/tia/localCompiled/energia-0101E0015_v15/hardware/c2000/variants/launchpad_f28027" --include_path="/home/tia/localCompiled/energia-0101E0015_v15/hardware/tools/c2000/include" -g --gcc --define=TMS320F28027 --define=F_CPU=60000000L --define=ARDUINO=101 --define=ENERGIA=13 --diag_warning=225 --display_error_number --diag_wrap=off --asm_extension=S --preproc_with_compile --preproc_dependency="F2806x_Adc.pp" "/home/tia/localCompiled/energia-0101E0015_v15/hardware/c2000/cores/c2000/F2806x_common/source/F2806x_Adc.c" "/home/tia/localCompiled/energia-0101E0015_v15/hardware/c2000/cores/c2000/F2806x_common/source/F2806x_Adc.c", line 12: fatal error #1965: cannot open source file "F2806x_Device.h" 1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of "/home/tia/localCompiled/energia-0101E0015_v15/hardware/c2000/cores/c2000/F2806x_common/source/F2806x_Adc.c". Compilation terminated. Thanks a lot for your help! Mattia