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  1. It looks like that device is not available until November... not really wanting to wait that long but very interesting product. That is getting VERY close to what I am wanting to create. Has anyone here used that modem with an MSP432? - Matt
  2. Never even heard of that but I will have to research it. Thanks for chiming in. - Matt
  3. Persisting through a power cycle is not necessary in my use case, only through a communications outage to the server (and even than data can be overwritten after a reasable time based on buffer size limitations to be determined by hardware selection). I really appreciate you guys brain-storming this with me, I will take a look at the different hardware you mentioned in your posts...
  4. The MSP430->MySQL Server link would need to be some kind of GSM module... Basically, I want to do exactly what this product is doing but instead of broadcasting the packets over WiFi I want it transmitted over cellular: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-optional-hardware/common-telemetry-landingpage/common-3dr-radio-version-2/ This project would be complete when some public IP address is getting bombarded with packets as if it were plugged directly into the serial port on the Pixhawk. I am comfortable with writing a web-based service that parses and stores the data once my web
  5. What chip do you think would work better? Also, on the PX4 I have the Pinout of the telemetry port (https://pixhawk.org/modules/pixhawk#pinouts) once I hook it up to the MSP430 what is the best way in Code Composer to "see" that the communication is working? Per the previous recommendations, I am trying to break this up into parts, and at this point I just want to make sure in debug mode that I am seeing the data being read into the MCU. I can see the data when I hook the telemetry port up to a linux SBC like the Pi when I follow these instructions: http://dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/compa
  6. Thanks Bluehash! do you know of any projects that read a serial stream to FLASH/FRAM? - Matt
  7. I have not selected an MCU or a GSM module, that is part of the guidance I am looking for. I am not sure what GSM modules work nicely with the MSP430, and there is a real lack of sample code or projects that I can find through Google to provide me any clear direction on component selection. My blinking LED and other starter projects are all on the MSP430G2553IN20. The only reason I have been buying those is because they are what is used on my Launchpad. Thanks for the response. Matt Johnson
  8. I would be interested in helping to build it, I just need guidance so I would not say I just want to have someone do it for me. You mention needing a fair bit of money, is this a complicated project to read a serial stream and relay it to a web server? What do you think it would cost? As for blinking an LED, I have that done already, I have the Launchpad. However, it is a big leap from that to reading serial stream and interfacing to a GSM circuit would you agree? Where do you recommend finding someone if not on these forums? - Matt
  9. Well, I never got a response on this request for help. What other resources are there out there to find someone to help me design and build this circuit? There are plenty of independent contracting sites for software developers but where do you guys go for embedded system designers? Thanks for any guidance you can give me... Matt
  10. I am interested in learning to build it myself but unfortuneatly I do not have the time to learn all of this from scratch, I would be interested in helping where I could but it would most likely be someone building it for me. - Matt
  11. I am looking for someone who is proficient with the MSP430 to help me with a project. I am completely new to this MCU and would like help with both the hardware design and software. The project is to read telemetry data coming off a PX4 autopilot and send it to a MySql server. By default, the PX4 auto pilot is streaming messages on a serial port here: https://pixhawk.org/dev/companion_link?s[]=telem2#streaming_messages.Most people use this to connect a companion computer (Raspberry Pi, etc.). But I want to read the serial stream into a MSP430 instead which will then forward it to my in
  12. @@zeke, how can I get ahold of you? I tried to send a message but it said you were not accepting messages. I went to your website and it said you offer electrical design services and to call but there is no phone number or email. Could you message me your phone number? I have a project I want to discuss with you. Thanks. Matt Johnson
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