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  1. Two other solutions I had thought off -- 1. Using Push Notifications. Any time the external IP address changes, it pushes a notification to the phone with the new IP address. (Android GCM or IOS Push Notifications). 2. Second is having an external data base living behind a static IP. Every time the dynamic IP address changes it will update the database with the new address. The phone would first query the database to look at the latest address, and then connect to it, (Very similar to dynamic DNS) Of the three which is the best solution. What can be done to make it secure. In 2
  2. Dynamic DNS is not a possible solution. I am designing a consumer product. I can't expect everyone that purchases it to sign up for Dynamic DNS as part of the installation process. There's got to be another solution.....
  3. Hello, I have a cc3200 which is connected to my home network. I would like to be able to access it from anywhere in the world using my iPhone. The issue the router only has a dynamic ip address which can change at any time. So how do I deal with this?? Thanks, Saleem
  4. Hello, Instead of coding in the network name and password, I would like the board to start up in access point mode. Then the user would enter in a URL http::/mycc3200.net and it should take the user to a webpage where the user can enter the network name and password. These should be permanently saved somewhere. Once this information has been entered it should try to connect to the provided network. But there should be way to go back and change the network information. Is there an example that handles provisioning?? Thanks, Saleem
  5. Is there a library for Google Cloud Messaging
  6. Looking for a solution to sync current date and time
  7. Hello, Currently I hard code the said password and other info related to my app in the code. I would like the user to avoid this and have the user be able to configure it. What are the solutions to this problem. Also where can I store this information so that it does not get lost if the device is powered down. Saleem
  8. Hello, Using the wifi library I can determine the local address and gateway address which is the routers internal IP address. How do I determine its external IP address. Thanks, Saleem
  9. The examples included with Energia won't compile The button example says Xdc/runtime/error.h not found The multi blink example says BLUE LED not defined
  10. Hello, Is there any ti bluetooth module that is programmable with energia? Thanks, Saleem
  11. Hello, How do I run multiple sketches in parallel with energia. Also I am using the cc3200 launch pad. Can one sketch be in access point mode while the other uses station mode? Thanks, Saleem
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