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  1. I plan to use Launchpads as base with custom made shields. It will take me substantial time to get into the matter and I do not expect to have anything before fall of this year. I assume the situation with msp432 will be resolved by then, or am I being naive?
  2. So, that's one for MSP I played a bit with MSP430F5529 launchpad and like using it. SBC = Single Board Computer such as BeagleBone or RasPi. There are also chimera's such as Arduino Y
  3. Hi folks, I wish to create (and market) series of open source projects that will include both mechanical and electronic / microcontroller components. While electronics periphery and mechanics will change from product to product, software will gradually evolve with each project. For example my first project is a modern rotary head/platform controller that can be used for manual machining, 3D Scanning and any other application that requires 1-2 axis motion. With limited G-Code support and few external connections. My vision are modern, state of the art devices that might have such features as
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