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  1. I've been toying with this method over the last few days for an audio synthesizer project. With a 62.5KHz PWM (16MHz main clock with CCR0 set to 255), it works well for lower frequencies, as long as you feed the PWM into an appropriate low pass filter. TI has a decent application report that details how to set this up with the MSP430: http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa497/slaa497.pdf @zeke: That sounds like a great idea. I did some googling and found some interesting resources on the topic from Open Music Labs: http://www.openmusiclabs.com/learning/digital/pwm-dac/dual-pwm-circuits
  2. Just to more or less reiterate igendel's point, this course is taught in parallel with the intro analog circuits course at UC Berkeley (you might say it's analogous to the edX class. Ba-dum-tss!). I took the course in the Spring, and the focus is certainly basic electrical theory and analog circuit design, with the MSP430 serving mainly as a tool to further explore those topics. That being said, depending on your application, having a good handle on the analog domain seems to be half the battle when working with an MCU (even more so with tools like Energia simplifying the development process..
  3. Thanks for checking it out! Unfortunately the left motor is currently out of commission, and we lacked the foresight to design a chassis that would allow for easy motor replacements, among other shortcomings. I'm hoping to find the time to build a new chassis sometime over the next few weeks. Although I can't make any guarantees, if that day comes I'll be sure to post a video.
  4. I recently completed a final project for an undergrad circuits class, throughout which this forum was a huge help, and so I just wanted to try and give back a little by presenting our code here. The project was, as you may have guessed, a two-wheeled self-balancing robot via a PID controller: We used an MSP430G2553 with the EXP430G2 launchpad, although the code should of course be applicable to any similar MCU. We also used the apparently popular MPU6050 IMU to produce angle estimates, and a simple H-bridge using TIP-102 transistors for motor control. The schematic that I've attached is
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