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  1. Hi Suresh,


    Are you calling the dht library from within the ISR? If so, that is not good practice and you should minimize time in the ISR. Call dht after the ISR returns.


    Hope that helps.


    Thanks Fmilburn

    The main objective of the project is taking dht sensor values in a fixed interview of time (say 2 hrs). So my msp430 will be in low power mode and wake's up in every 2 hours and takes data. So can u please help me out in this. 


    Thanks in Advance.

  2. Hi all,


    I am facing problem while reading DHT values in timer ISR function. I am able to get the data if use i dht.readHumidity() (using dht library) in loop function but not able to get when i use in timer ISR function. Can anyone please help me out.


    Thanks in Advance.

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