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  1. Hi, I am using the SmartConfig example on cc3200 (Energia17), the TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi starter is downloaded from the App Store and Google play. When configuring the Wi-Fi network information using the Wi-Fi starter on Ios (Iphone 6S) it works nicely. However whatever I do I can not make the configuration work using Andriod (Samsung S5). Anyone that have experienced the same problem? regards,
  2. use of less client.print() statements made the loading of web page faster.
  3. Hi the problem is to get a picture flashed on the CC3200 to show up in the web browser. In Arduino when including the library SD.h, gives the possibility to generate a file handle, for example File webFile; then using the handle to open a web page file webFile = SD.open("index.htm"); finally web page is sent to client if (webFile) { while(webFile.available()) { client.write(webFile.read()); } webFile.close(); } Any idea how to accomplish this in Energia? If have researched into use of SLFS but can not find any so
  4. Hi, in Energia 17 there is a file called cc3200.ld, where heap size can be changed. I can not find this file in Energia 18, anyone knows where the replacement is found? regards,
  5. Hi, do anybody know a link how to set up the CC3200 in Energia to be used in a P2P mode? Thanks..
  6. I am using the SimpleWebServerWiFi example in Energia as a basis for my application, which has become a bit large. My trouble is, sometimes the update of the client web page requested is fast, while sometimes it is painfully slow without changing any code. There is only one web page. I have no idea where to start looking, is there any clues out there what can cause the web server of the cc3200 working slow? For example, if the output it is slow, hitting a button on the client web page, causes the server to fast reload the same page. regards,
  7. In my application I need all available user files. Using Energia 16 this number seems to be maximum 115 files that I am able to write to.. As my program increase in size, the number of available files in SFLASH decreases. As the program and data goes into SRAM, I do not understand why increased program size should reduce available SFLASH? Any clues out there? regards,
  8. Thank you very much, now I realised there was a folder called cc3200emt that must contain my own libraries in addition to those already included. regards,
  9. The new Energia 16 has two options in the meny Tools/Board for the Launchpad CC3200, with or without EMT. For the same file, When selecting the EMT, Energia provides an 'Error compiling' message for libraries that I have included myself in the libraries folder. This libraries compiles nicely when using the non-EMT. I have tried to put the libraries in the same folder as those libraries included with Energi, but seems not to be the solution. Anyone experienced the same? regards,
  10. Hi, I just saw your post after I post the same problem. Have you found any solution? Thanks,
  11. Hi all, I have researched all day the use of SmartConfig example in Energia, but seems like I can not make the example work properly. After running the Wifi.startSmartConfig() once, and after studying the Wifi.h and Wifi.cpp, I expect it should not be necessary to run SimpleLink Wi-Fi starter again (and again and again...) each time the cc3200 is reset or power recycled. I can see this problem has been discussed before, but I can not find a solution. Is it something I have misunderstood, or is startSmartConfig() still not working properly (using Energia 16)? In case, any proposal for a wor
  12. Hello, I have flashed my own index.html file on the CC3200 serial flash by using the CCS Uniflash. When there is a request from a client to CC3200, the response should be the index.html. Any clue where to start looking how to code this in Energia?
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