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  1. Hi, I am trying to work on flash on CC3220sf Launchpad. In energia, we have SLFS library for CC3200, I copied that and placed under CC3220sf libraries. That showed up an error as _FS_FILE_OPEN_FLAG_COMMIT not declared in the scope. I found that definition is in fs.h file under utility folder in WiFi example for CC3200. I copied those and tried again, now I am getting an error as osi.h file not found. Did any one have tried using flash using SLFS library or any other library? If please guide me. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your response Rei. Sorry for posting and sending personal message the same query.
  3. Hi, I am looking to interface CC3200 Launchpad with Kentec K350QVG 3.5" LCD Booster pack using Energia. I can't find any library suits for CC3200. Does anyone interfaced this display with CC3200? If so, can any one guide me? Thanks
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