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    tobydjones got a reaction from kimikien in [Energia Library] NFC card reading with Energia - MF RC 522   
    I'm not detecting either of the two tags supplied with my RFID-RC522 from Banggood (http://www.banggood.com/MIFAIR-RC522-Chip-IC-Card-Induction-Module-RFID-Reader-p-81067.html)
    I've worked out how to put the library in the right place (under my Energia sketchbook directory Engia/libraries/Mfrc522).
    I've checked that spirilis's fix is in usci_isr_handler.c (it was already in place in Energia v14)
    I think I've got the right pinouts (I also tried swapping 1.3 and 2.2, which was the setup in the OP):
    // SDA  - 2.2 // SCK  - 1.5 // Mosi - 1.7 // Miso - 1.6 // IRQ  - NC // GND  - GND // RST  - 1.3 // VCC  - VCC   I can add debugging serial out so I know the app is starting and looping... but it never says it detects a card. In fact Mfrc522.Request(PICC_REQIDL, str); is returning 2 (which is MI_ERR).   I've tried two separate readers, so unless they're both faulty, what am I doing wrong? Is it the pinout? Do I have to change something on the Launchpad itself? Is the Banggood card different in some way?   I'm stuck, so any help would be appreciated, thanks.   Thanks
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