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  1. It may have changed as I get errors. Energia doesn't recognise !Serial, but even if that's taken out, I get: ReadAndWrite.cpp.elf section `.text' will not fit in region `rom'
  2. Same here For some reason these lines crash the MSP430. ledpin1&2 aren't referenced anywhere, so I'm not sure (a) what they're for and ( why they should crash the MSP430! pinMode(ledpin1, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledpin2, OUTPUT); If I take them out, and try to print the status returned by status = Mfrc522.Request(PICC_REQIDL, str); I get a space. What's going on?!
  3. Yes the same result with both boards. status 2, backbits 11 or 61016. It'll be interesting when yours arrive I'm English, but living in Holland.
  4. It doesn't make any difference if there's a card in front of the reader or not, I still get status 2, backbits 11 or 61016. I've tried two different boards, so unless the crystal is broken on both, I expect that's not the problem. I'm willing to test but I don't have voltmeter or oscilloscope. I'm willing to buy different hardware if you have any suggestions.
  5. on each call to the library, either: status in library = 2 backbits = 11 status in library = 2 backbits = 61016
  6. Yes, status is 2. It comes from: status = Mfrc522.Request(PICC_REQIDL, str); That status is checked against MI_OK. In Mfrc.h the definitions are: //MF522 - Status #define MI_OK 0 #define MI_NOTAGERR 1 #define MI_ERR 2 So I've been assuming that the SPI communication is working correctly and the error message is coming from the board. I might be wrong!
  7. Sorry, the library is Mfrc522.zip from this post. Happy to use something else if there's a different library out there. I detatched P1.6, but it didn't help. I swapped SDA & RST but still get an error
  8. Ah-ha, found the 'full editor'. Here's my hardware setup.
  9. I don't see any images (in either Chrome & IE)
  10. Hi RROMANO001, Thanks for being interested in my problem I'm using a MIFAIR RC522 RFID reader from banggood. In fact I've tried two. Code is the 'cardreader' example from library Mfrc522.zip created by eelcor, found here. Pinouts: // SDA - 1.3 // SCK - 1.5 // Mosi - 1.7 // Miso - 1.6 // IRQ - NC // GND - GND // RST - 2.2 // VCC - VCC I haven't changed anything on the MSP-EXP430G2 card, so all the links are still 'on'. I'm powering it from a PC on USB. When powered up, I get both LEDS on the Launchpad lit, and one red LED on the RC522 card. The serial coms is workin
  11. I'm also just getting status 2, can you tell me how you fixed that please?!
  12. I'm not detecting either of the two tags supplied with my RFID-RC522 from Banggood (http://www.banggood.com/MIFAIR-RC522-Chip-IC-Card-Induction-Module-RFID-Reader-p-81067.html) I've worked out how to put the library in the right place (under my Energia sketchbook directory Engia/libraries/Mfrc522). I've checked that spirilis's fix is in usci_isr_handler.c (it was already in place in Energia v14) I think I've got the right pinouts (I also tried swapping 1.3 and 2.2, which was the setup in the OP): // SDA - 2.2 // SCK - 1.5 // Mosi - 1.7 // Miso - 1.6 // IRQ - NC // GND - GND // RS
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