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  1. kael

    CCS stupid error

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to fix a bug on CCS. As attached filed, we can recognize that 'SlNetAppEvent_t' was defined. But CCS noticed some confusing errors. Plz help to fix. Thanks in advanced.
  2. kael

    Touch cap

    Hi everyone, Can I use GPIO of MSP430FR2033 with capacitive touch sensing function ? I can not find pinosc function in this line. Plz help to explain. Thanks inadvanced.
  3. I want to make a circuit with PWM isolation purpose. Could I use this IC?, because GND1 and GND2 must short together in pwm control. so is it impossible? thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, Could I use MSP-FET430UIF to program for MSP430FR2033? Plz indicate to me the way to use it. Thanks in advanced!
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