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  1. Hello everyone, I'm doing a project using Tiva C 1294 and ESP8266 for wifi connection. I have done with connect Tiva C and ESP8266 via Serial. I also tested with AT commands of ESP8266. My goal is to connect the Tiva C 1294 with Internet through Wifi ( not Ethernet connected). I've tested sucessfully the Temboo applications via Ethernet connected. However, when I change to ESP8266, I meet a lot of stucks. ESP8266 is using AT commands to connect to Internet. Therefore, it totally different from CC3300 ( I dont' have chance to use it). Energia doesn't support ESP8266 library. Hence,
  2. Thank you very much for support me. I've looked at the How to : Porting Libraries and It really helps me a lot. From now on, I have many things to do. By the way, I try another way
  3. Hello everyone, Firstly, I want to talk about the background of problem. I'm using the TFT 2.4 with controller SPFD5408. This is an TFT 2.4 shields for the Arduino. I have tested all the features from the library and it works very well. The picture I will include at the bottom of topic . However, I am beginner to Energia. 1/ How can I port the library from Arduino IDE to Energia. With Energia, I use the Tiva C 1294 XML. 2/ Is there any library that is available on the forum? Because it have searched all the topics and I can not see any information related to my problem. Thank y
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