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  1. Hi @@bluehash, Was there any feedback from TI on the suggestions and comments here that you can share?
  2. Hi @@SKS and welcome to 43oh It isn't clear to me from your description what the problem is but here are some suggestions: The SR04 is a 5V device. You don't state what microcontroller you are using but most LaunchPads are 3.3V and are not 5V tolerant (although I believe the Tiva C in the original post is). In any case, I would not hook up a 5V input to a LaunchPad pin as this can damage the pin in the worst case, or not give the desired results in the best case. The SR04 is a really simple device and a library isn't really necessary. The basic algorithm is 1) initiate a ping, 2) measu
  3. @@JasonP I just ran your sketch above in Energia v17 with MSP-432 and get the following at the bottom of the compilation output In other words, SoftwareSerial.h was not included with Energia for the MSP432. Further, the other Serial hardware pins don't show on the Energia pin map so perhaps additional hardware access (i.e. use of Serial1) is not included for the MSP432 either. The thing to do might be to access the serial hardware directly but I realize that isn't particularly satisfying for an Energia user.
  4. Hi @@JasonP, If I remember correctly it is not implemented on all LaunchPads - e.g. F5529. What LaunchPad and what version of Energia are you using?
  5. I didn't know that it had all of that signal processing capability that I don't really need. So I ordered one too EDIT: free shipping in the US right now. Couldn't resist.
  6. @@allefpablo OK, put some debug print in serialEvent() for inChar to see if characters are being received. In particular, make sure that a "/n" is being received so that the flag is set. The serial monitor in Energia has a pull down tab lower right hand side that can be set to "No line ending" for example which would prevent this from working. EDIT: I don't have a working cc3200. But for some reason, a baud rate of 1200 does not work reliably on the F5529 for me. So you might try increasing that to 9600 or higher.
  7. Hi @@sufiaji I haven't seen that error. But have you tried just unplugging and then replugging the USB (both sides) without the intermediate steps? Or try a different USB cable?
  8. Hi @@allefpablo You need a call to serialEvent() in loop(). Your comment about serialEvent being called when new data comes in is incorrect.
  9. dAISy Ethernet Adapter The dAISy Ethernet Adapter packages a dAISy AIS Receiver in an enclosure with a W5500 Ethernet module and a MSP430G2955 to control it. With the addition of a marine VHF antenna, power via USB, and an Ethernet connection local marine traffic can be reported to the internet: The simplified block diagram below shows the main components: The MSP430G2995 was chosen over the more common MSP430G2553 for its additional RAM and was adapted to Energia and an Ethernet library ported. Relatively large SMD components (e.g. 0805 resistors and capacitors, 38 pin TSSOP microc
  10. @@bootchk Some of the microcontrollers in the MSP430 line have limited resources, including timers, and the WDT is used for delay(). Conflicts can occur in the functions used by Energia/Arduino if the underlying hardware registers are modified.
  11. Hi @@bootchk, I don't have a FR4133 but the problem probably is that you have turned off the WDT and Energia uses it. Try removing the following line: WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; Also, change the delay() to something like 100 instead of 1000000 (1000 seconds). Try the blink example and other examples in the IDE.
  12. The main reason I make things myself is like @@Fred I just enjoy doing it. Regarding the CNC mill, I guess I should find another reason besides PCB manufacture to justify it. I think it would be fun to design and make a clock with wooden gears. That sounds like good justification :-)
  13. I have had a package of those 4x6 cm pcb boards with 0.1" spacing for a while and realized this evening that I was about to run out. They are a good and useful size. Wondering where they all went I rummaged around and found these and there are more scattered about in various enclosed projects. I am in the habit of soldering one up if it is on the breadboard and I think there is a fair chance I might use it again. I like to do this even when I am going to have PCBs fabricated. From top left and going clockwise they are a RFID BoosterPack reader, a Nokia 5110 BoosterPack, an INA125P
  14. There is a new series of YouTube postings that uses Texas Instruments parts and microcontrollers by Peter Oakes. I have started watching it and have found it interesting. It seems pitched at the hobbyist level (pretty basic at times), but goes beyond just a recipe to make something work and he even pulls out the datasheet!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_atu5RtEPi5I5YWx_wb_j9erZGCvnpvW EDIT: I have watched a few more of these and apparently they are TI sponsored.
  15. It does seem strange but I have switched to doing G2xx development on a breadboard lately and then flashing with a F5529 LaunchPad. The breadboard and F5529 LP doesn't take long to set up and the F5529 LP emulator isn't as quirky.
  16. Hi @@electrotwelve http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4589-how-to-make-a-rom-image-of-a-sketch-for-distribution/?p=41291
  17. Hi @@retiredee72 There are too many variables to answer that with assurance. If you do a search on 43oh you will find a few posts from people who had problems with the transition to Windows 10 (and frquently the solution). Personally I found Energia to work better with Windows 10 and have had no problem with CCS.
  18. I haven't used the feature myself, but looking at the User's Guide (SLAU597A), the switch S101 is used to select between JTAG or the XDS110-ET onboard emulator. The isolation block can be used to expose the connections for use on other devices.
  19. Your projects are very interesting. They are the type of thing I like to read about on 43oh.
  20. Knowing the value of your product to the customer does not mean you have to stick it to them (or even that you can for that matter), but you can't determine the fair value without it in my opinion. Fair market value is frequently defined as the valuation a knowledgeable buyer and seller would pay for an asset when behaving in their own interest and without undue pressure to buy or sell. Your choice though. Personally, I give away most of my time for nothing but the satisfaction of helping someone these days. Anyway, most of the projects I worked on (again, another field of engineering)
  21. Hi @@electrotwelve I suggest looking in Wifi.cpp and WiFi.h of the CC3200 libraries folder in your version of Energia - the code is pretty clear as to what is happening. I don't use the CC3200 at the moment so can't comment a whole lot more... Note that it is an adaptation of the Arduino code and you might a search there as well.
  22. I will give you my thoughts for what they are worth... You are selling a product more than your engineering expertise. I have worked as both an engineering consultant selling expertise (priced by the hour usually but can be bid lump sum) and selling a product - all in a different field of engineering but I think this applies. Selling expertise means your hour or day rate must be competitive with the competition. Selling a product means you must be delivering something of value to the customer and it must be at a price point the customer can bear regardless of the hours or expertise that we
  23. Thanks for the feedback. No, I have never had reason to consider doing this before and it is the result of a specific issue. The example may be misleading. A reset would be initiated in the project only if an error situation is detected. Although now that I think about it, giving it a kick in the seat of the pants every once in a while just to let it know who is boss might be good Agreed. The problem is of an intermittent and infrequent nature and I haven't been able to trap it and determine the cause. In fact, and I should have mentioned this in the first post, it has not
  24. I have an Energia project that seems to go astray under rare and seemingly random circumstances - it can occur anywhere from hours to months apart and I haven't been able to pin the cause down. It starts right up again after a reset. It isn't critical if it is down for a minute or so but I am usually not around to reset it manually. However, I can monitor things in the firmware and tell when things are not working correctly. In this situation it is easy enough to force a reset from Energia by writing to the watchdog timer and control register with an improper password. For example, in
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