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    @energia see above
  2. The error says there is “multiple definition of ‘analog_reference’”. Find the occurrences and make sure it is defined only once is the short answer. If you do a search for “multiple definition of” on stack exchange or the like it will give examples of what can cause the error.
  3. Hi @ash12 and welcome to 43oh, If you are new to microcontrollers or familiar with Arduino you can try the Energia site. For example, here is the page on the TM4C123: http://energia.nu/pin-maps/guide_tm4c123launchpad/ If you want to use Code Composer Studio, there are examples in the Resource Explorer. Download CCS at ti.com. If there are specific things that interest you then try a search here on 43oh or at ti.com. Do a search for TM4C123 training and lots of things will pop up...
  4. This was quite a while back but it looks like readADC() is a function I wrote for Code Composer Studio - not for Energia. Use analogRead() for Energia. You only need to make the additions that Robert posted for Energia, or the ones I posted for CCS, if you are trying to get it to read the ADC quicker.
  5. Hi @Lukman what processor/LaunchPad are you using and what version of Energia? The above is for the F5529.
  6. MSP430G2553 PWM Accuracy

    See slaa322c.pdf at TI.com. Also look at the documentation for the LaunchPad to see how they did it. There is more information in the datasheet and family users guide If I remember correctly there is a firmware example in CCS on how to use the external oscillator. Energia does it automatically.
  7. Interfacing MSP430G2553 with MPU6050

    Try the code in Arduino Playground: http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/MPU-6050#short I had a quick look and the simple example reading raw values appeared to stick to Arduino and not use processor specific calls. Don't double post the same topic.
  8. measure battery voltage level

    Hi @kiMedia You cannot supply 12 V to the G2553 directly without damaging the microcontroller - see datasheet for maximum voltages. Use an external voltage divider to get to safe values. Do a search on this site for how to use internal references - eg
  9. These processes can be quite complex and the control is very dependent on the system. Autotune doesn't always work and hand tuning is sometimes necessary. It is impossible to guess what the constants should be without knowledge of the system and possibly experimentation. Read the background material in the link I have given above for a better idea of how PID works. If I remember correctly there is a very good link to a method for hand tuning when autotune fails.
  10. MSP430F149 Board

    HI @dubnet It looks like you had fun with that . The code is easy to read and looks good to me. You can try using a switch statement in the ISR - something like this: //----------------------- G P I O _ P O R T 1 _ I S R ------------------------ #if defined(__TI_COMPILER_VERSION__) || defined(__IAR_SYSTEMS_ICC__) #pragma vector=PORT1_VECTOR __interrupt #elif defined(__GNUC__) __attribute__((interrupt(PORT1_VECTOR))) #endif void GPIO_PORT1_ISR(void) { switch(P1IV) { case 0: break; //no interrupt pending case 2: break; //P1.0 case 4: break; //P1.1 case 6: //P1.2 GPIO_toggleOutputOnPin(RED_LED); break; case 8: //P1.3 GPIO_toggleOutputOnPin(GREEN_LED); break; case 10: break; //P1.4 case 12: break; //P1.5 case 14: break; //P1.6 case 16: break; //P1.7 default: break; //should not get here } } The TI examples in their MSP430 training videos use this approach.
  11. IR remote library

    There is some additional information on the IR project I did with 43oh member input here: I started out in Energia and ended up writing everything in CCS for the final project.
  12. attachInterrupt() takes a long time

    You should not put slow executing code like a call to a function with cycle wasting loops inside an ISR. Flag the interrupt and handle it outside the ISR.
  13. IR remote library

    I don't know of a library for the TM4C123G but if you are willing to put some time into it then it should not be too hard to convert the one for the MSP430 or Arduino. There is a good introductory write-up at Adafruit: https://learn.adafruit.com/ir-sensor/overview. I was able to use that information and other stuff on the web to figure it out and write my own code. It helps a lot to have an oscilloscope, or perhaps even better a logic analyzer when working through it.
  14. MSP432P401R Remapping Pins

    I don't use Energia for the MSP432 so I don't know if you can - I am not sure it has a pins.h file. You can look in github and see what has been provided there, e.g. https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/hardware/msp432/cores/msp432/driverlib I imagine you could use #define and DriverLib to set something up.
  15. MSP432P401R Remapping Pins

    Hi Terje, You are right - I was actually looking for that and missed it. On mine the jumper was not in place when received.