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  1. I saw that all 8 digital pins are not needed to display the characters, but they seem to be needed to write the characters into memory in the first place (using the "lcd.createChar()" function), or at least using only 4 digital pins was not working for me when trying to "lcd.createChar", but it worked fine when using all 8... Maybe it's not needed to create the characters either (in fact the example for Arduino only uses 4 digital pins), but for some reason that seems to be the only way it worked for me.
  2. In fact in the end we just copied the library over from the MSP430 folder and pasted it into the CC3200 folder, and it works just fine. I'm using it like this: #include <LiquidCrystal.h> //DEFINE LIQUID CRYSTAL PINS #define LQCR_RS 2 #define LQCR_EN 3 #define LQCR_D0 4 #define LQCR_D1 5 #define LQCR_D2 6 #define LQCR_D3 7 #define LQCR_D4 8 #define LQCR_D5 9 #define LQCR_D6 10 #define LQCR_D7 30 //INITIALIZE LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY LiquidCrystal lcd(LQCR_RS, LQCR_EN, LQCR_D0, LQCR_D1, LQCR_D2, LQCR_D3, LQCR_D4, LQCR_D5, LQCR_D6, LQCR_D7); void setup(){ //SETUP LCD columns and row
  3. Now that CC3200 support has been added to Energia in the past few releases, I am wondering if the core libraries will be made available for the CC3200. Specifically I am trying to use a 16x2 LCD, but I see that the LiquidCrystal library is not available for the CC3200. May I ask for CC3200 support for the LiquidCrystal library?
  4. I have just found this thread, I also am needing to use a DS18S20 sensor with the OneWire library. I can use the OneWire library by Paul Stoeffregen without any problem in Arduino. I tried to download the library attached here http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3314-energia-library-onewire-ds18b20-430-stellaris/#entry29813 But Energia 0015 will not start, I receive an error saying that the application cannot be launched. As soon as I delete the library, Energia launches again just fine. I believe there is some kind of incompatibility with the latest Energia version? EDIT: I see the proble
  5. Following up on this, I need some help with the definitions needed to port the OneWire library for Arduino to Energia for the MSP430. The hardware abstraction layer in the library has this: // Platform specific I/O definitions #if defined(__AVR__) #define PIN_TO_BASEREG(pin) (portInputRegister(digitalPinToPort(pin))) #define PIN_TO_BITMASK(pin) (digitalPinToBitMask(pin)) #define IO_REG_TYPE uint8_t #define IO_REG_ASM asm("r30") #define DIRECT_READ(base, mask) (((*(base)) & (mask)) ? 1 : 0) #define DIRECT_MODE_INPUT(base, mask) ((*((base)+1)) &=
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