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  1. hi my friends; i work on the msp430fg439 for my project and it has only one spi/uart channel and i used this channel for sd card operation. Now i want to apply uart operation to my code. how can i make a bit banging uart application? In my code, tx and rx pins are useable but timing pins were used. Thanks for your helping...
  2. i changed the header files according to msp430f5529 and i compiled code but when i checked the sd card, there are no any data..
  3. when i tried to verify code, there are lots of library errors ,
  4. Hi everyone; im working on the project that needs SD card to save ADC output values. I clearly take adc output values but i didn't realize SD card operation. i tried to implement http://43oh.com/2013/12/interfacing-the-launchpad-to-an-sd-card-a-walkthrough/ method by changing MISO,MOSI,CLK etc. pins but it didn't work , i got no directory errors every try. Can anyone help me to implement only SD card part of this code?
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