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  1. Hey @@spirilis - thanks for looking at this. Console shows nothing after the port is opened - and the board is essentially 'frozen'. i.e. If I turn on an LED or do a Serial write at the beginning of setup(), it does not execute. Sorry it's so confusing, initially I didn't know where the problem originated. Here are the steps to reproduce this: 1. Open out of the box example WiFiWebClientRepeating sketch 2. Add EmonLib.h and EmonLib.cpp to your project or library folder 3. Add to top of Wifi sketch: #include <EmonLib.h> 4. Add to top of setup() for debugging: Seria
  2. Through the process of elimination I have isolated the cause of this - but I'm even more baffled as to why it is happening or how to fix it. If I edit EmonLib.cpp to remove the three references to the sqrt() function, everything works as expected - of course with the exception that the values are wrong due to the calculations being changed. If I modify these three lines from EmonLib.cpp: 157 Vrms = V_RATIO * sqrt(sumV / numberOfSamples); 160 Irms = I_RATIO * sqrt(sumI / numberOfSamples); 200 Irms = I_RATIO * sqrt(sumI / NUMBER_OF_SAMPLES); To removing the sqrt() functions as follows:
  3. Hey everyone, I have a simple sketch for an energy monitor using a variation of http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/- on a CC3200 LaunchPad. This sketch works successfully, as does the WiFiWebClient sample project which comes with Energia. However, if I simply add this line of code to my sketch, it uploads successfully but does not run. Serial returns nothing and the board is inactive. #include <WiFi.h> It works fine if I simply remove this line. The WiFi sample sketches on their own work fine too. I'm using the latest version of Energia on windows (energia-0101E0014), board
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