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  1. Hi ! I have the C2000 launchpad. I would like to send character from my PC to C2000 with the SCI (so I want to read characters with the C2000 launchpad). (Example_F2802xSci_FFDLB.c and Example_F2802xSci_FFDLB_int.c don't work on my computer) I want use the "Example_F2802xLaunchPadDemo.c" program and modify it in order to do that. Someone does have already write something ? I assume I must re-write this part : //Redirect STDOUT to SCI status = add_device("scia", _SSA, SCI_open, SCI_close, SCI_read, SCI_write, SCI_lseek, SCI_unlink, SCI_rename); fid = fopen("s
  2. Thanks a lot Trey, I am reading the .h file and prototype function . Ok now I am able to work with GPIO and ADC. Now I am fighting with the serial port to read data.... . It's nice if we can ask you questions (I think you are very busy ) . If I can't find a solution I'll write you , thank you. Your project ENERGIA seems very interesting , I am going to install it..., good luck ! Oblivion
  3. Hi ! At first sorry for my bad english ... I am beginner and a new user of Texas MCU/DSP . My first question is very simple. In the several examples we can see very intersting codes, but I would like to know where can I find the reference doc where I can find the list of all commands and syntax. For example : GPIO_setMode(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0, GPIO_0_Mode_GeneralPurpose); GPIO_setDirection(myGpio, GPIO_Number_0, GPIO_Direction_Output); But now if I want to read the value on the PORT_0 I assume it is ---> Direction_Input ? Where can I find this information ? For ADC, TI
  4. Hi everybody, I am very happy to join the forum. I am a new C2000 user. It seems a very good device . I am very happy to discover it.... Best regards,
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