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  1. Mine arrived today in the office (in the UK). Excellent packed, with a friendly letter inside Much appreciated, Matthew! Off-topic: Nice USA postal stamps - very colourful, probably with a Christmas theme? What does the "forever" word symbolise - is it linked to some campaign? I'm just curious
  2. My count is already added to the total in the first post, but I thought it will be easier to keep the running list up to date: 1. Bluehash------------------2 (USA) 2. GeekDoc------------------6 (USA) 3. Rickta59------------------3 4. caa028--------------------3 (USA) 5. zeke----------------------10 (Canada) 6. krzyk2--------------------10 (Poland) 7. Lars Norway-------------4 (Norway) 8. GreenITguy--------------3 (USA) 9. DanAndDusty------------2 (UK) 10. Jdownj------------------2 (USA) 11. xpg----------------------10 (Denmark) 12. Rcouto------------------6(Canada) 13. MEGAMERI
  3. Thank you for your quick response. The shipping price is perfectly acceptable, so I'd definitely like to buy 4 breakouts, please Seems like $4.25.
  4. I'd like to buy 4 breakout boards to match the 4 CC2500 modules I've ordered in the other group buy Can you please give me a quote for first class international mail to UK?
  5. Paid. Many thanks for organising this group buy!
  6. I also favour MTG's minimalistic breakout design. I'd buy 4 of these to match with the 4 CC2500 modules from the GB thread.
  7. Please add an (I) for znanev (living in UK).
  8. Am I too late for 4? If you can still sign me up, are you OK to ship them to UK? Thanks.
  9. Couldn't resist. I put the cronos in my wish list a while back... and now was the perfect time to go ahead and buy it
  10. Hi all, Browsing through DangerousPrototypes blog today, I saw Ian posted some info about TI's floating-point Piccolo MCUs. Texas Instruments has development boards with F28069 in memory stick form factor on promotion now ($11 if using the promo code Piccolo11 at checkout). It seems those Piccolo MCUs have far more capabilities than I'll ever use in my simplistic projects, but there are a lot of clever people in this forum who may find it useful You can see and order the dev board here: https://estore.ti.com/TMDX28069USB-F28069-Piccolo-controlSTICK-P2257C43.aspx?DCMP=F2806x&
  11. It was practically impossible to load a single page for at least one hour after the free day opened. But I managed to load 4 of the questions of the quiz, so I have now a coupon code for $40. It's good the coupon is valid for 2 months, 'cause Sparkfun's catalag is huge... and I like almost everything there ... have to narrow down my choice a bit
  12. Just received the eZ430-F2013 The estimated shipping date was set for 20th January, but today I received a package from DHL coming from Netherlands. So no customs fees. Long live the EU!
  13. Just checked the HALFMSPTOOL code and it didn't work.
  14. Thank you, gatesphere for sharing this cool game! Just completed all levels in about 30 minutes, pity there are no more to play with
  15. I initially ordered one in July via the phone (the eStore was completely broken at that time). Then in late September I saw the renewed eStore site and just out of curiosity added a Launchpad, completed the checkout and ... received the packet from FedEx the next week A week later a guy from TI sales phoned to check payment details for the phone order but I imagined it can take forever to complete so I just politely cancelled that order. And here I am with my one and only Launchpad now!
  16. Wow, sorry to hear you were charged by FedEx so much! I though there is some minimum threshold above which customs fees are applied (
  17. How did you order the LaunchPad - through TI's eStore or over the phone? I placed my first order about the end of July over the phone, because at that time TI's eStore was completely broken. I expected to receive my LaunchPad in August, but when it did not arrive till the end of September, I checked the eStore again and this time it was fixed and I successfully placed an order for a LaunchPad, which arrived in 3-4 days (I'm living in the UK). So after the "newly" ordered LaunchPad arrived, I received a phone call from TI about my old order which I just cancelled. So in brief, my advice
  18. Hi All, I found about this board 2-3 days ago (actually when my LaunchPad arrived) and I think it is now the right time to join it Cheers, Zdravko
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