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  1. Mine arrived today in the office (in the UK). Excellent packed, with a friendly letter inside Much appreciated, Matthew! Off-topic: Nice USA postal stamps - very colourful, probably with a Christmas theme? What does the "forever" word symbolise - is it linked to some campaign? I'm just curious
  2. My count is already added to the total in the first post, but I thought it will be easier to keep the running list up to date: 1. Bluehash------------------2 (USA) 2. GeekDoc------------------6 (USA) 3. Rickta59------------------3 4. caa028--------------------3 (USA) 5. zeke----------------------10 (Canada) 6. krzyk2--------------------10 (Poland) 7. Lars Norway-------------4 (Norway) 8. GreenITguy--------------3 (USA) 9. DanAndDusty------------2 (UK) 10. Jdownj------------------2 (USA) 11. xpg----------------------10 (Denmark) 12. Rcouto------------------6(Canada) 13. MEGAMERI
  3. Thank you for your quick response. The shipping price is perfectly acceptable, so I'd definitely like to buy 4 breakouts, please Seems like $4.25.
  4. I'd like to buy 4 breakout boards to match the 4 CC2500 modules I've ordered in the other group buy Can you please give me a quote for first class international mail to UK?
  5. Paid. Many thanks for organising this group buy!
  6. I also favour MTG's minimalistic breakout design. I'd buy 4 of these to match with the 4 CC2500 modules from the GB thread.
  7. Please add an (I) for znanev (living in UK).
  8. Am I too late for 4? If you can still sign me up, are you OK to ship them to UK? Thanks.
  9. Couldn't resist. I put the cronos in my wish list a while back... and now was the perfect time to go ahead and buy it
  10. Hi all, Browsing through DangerousPrototypes blog today, I saw Ian posted some info about TI's floating-point Piccolo MCUs. Texas Instruments has development boards with F28069 in memory stick form factor on promotion now ($11 if using the promo code Piccolo11 at checkout). It seems those Piccolo MCUs have far more capabilities than I'll ever use in my simplistic projects, but there are a lot of clever people in this forum who may find it useful You can see and order the dev board here: https://estore.ti.com/TMDX28069USB-F28069-Piccolo-controlSTICK-P2257C43.aspx?DCMP=F2806x&
  11. It was practically impossible to load a single page for at least one hour after the free day opened. But I managed to load 4 of the questions of the quiz, so I have now a coupon code for $40. It's good the coupon is valid for 2 months, 'cause Sparkfun's catalag is huge... and I like almost everything there ... have to narrow down my choice a bit
  12. Just received the eZ430-F2013 The estimated shipping date was set for 20th January, but today I received a package from DHL coming from Netherlands. So no customs fees. Long live the EU!
  13. Just checked the HALFMSPTOOL code and it didn't work.
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