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  1. Hi Trey, Thanks for your response. I'll address your comments (your original replies are in BLUE). Thanks for the great background information and the Motorware link (I was unaware that there was a set of similar drivers for the F2806x in the Motorware package). The complete F2806x driver GPIO enumerations for the GPIO1-GPIO58 in gpio.h is already one area where I see that the Motorware drivers improve upon the Launchpad gpio.h from the F28027 (which I had considered porting). I will do a diff comparison between Launchpad F2802x drivers and Motorware F2806x drivers to make sure I unders
  2. Hi Trey, 1. I recently posted a similar topic to this thread on the TI E2E forum at http://e2e.ti.com/support/embedded/bios/f/355/t/277108.aspx. Basically, I am trying to find out if there are plans for higher-level Mware style driver library APIs (part of TI-RTOS perhaps) for either F28027 or F28069 Piccolo in the works. The reply I got from Todd Mullanix was that completion of support for F28x drivers (particularly for TI-RTOS) is lower priority than driver library code for ARM, TIVA and Concerto. But now that I have searched the ControlSuite documentation a bit more, I see that th
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